Dunedin Airport


Built by the City of Dunedin for the people of the region. This airport is a growing gateway to the Otago province, and an iconic public building for the city. The brief included a requirement to create an environment where passengers would feel comfortable, welcome and safe. The airport serves a number of airlines, and the redevelopment required buy-in from all parties throughout the process to ensure their commercial concerns were not compromised.


The airport is located well south of Dunedin in the Taieri farming district. The airport had developed in an ad hoc manner over the years, and the redevelopment project provided an opportunity to strategically organise the urban forms around the airport, and improve relationships between buildings and car park areas.


The building uses the local albatross as a design influence to tap into the regional identity. Columns are inspired by the albatross beak, and a playful composition of stone finishes gives a feathery quality to the cladding. Internally, local schist is used around the central circulation spine, which anchors the planning. Generous views to the runway provide an engaging and constantly changing backdrop to the passenger hall.