Legal Disclaimer & Conditions of Electronic Use

This email together with any attachments is confidential and may be the subject of legal privilege. If you are not the intended recipient please return the email to sender and destroy this message. You are not permitted to copy, disclose or use the content in any way.

CCM Architects provide the attached documents with the following conditions and understandings. All information is issued on the express understanding that the recipient accepts these limitations and disclaimers:

  1. The information must solely and only be used for the coordination and/or construction of the current project.  
  2. CCM Architects does not warrant or take responsibility for the accuracy of the information issued.  
  3. The information issued may be confidential and must not be used other than by the intended recipient.  
  4. CCM Architects accept no liability or responsibility for any loss or damage suffered by the recipient arising out of, or in connection with, the use or misuse of the information issued.  
  5. The copyright of the original documents belongs to CCM Architects. The information is only for use in preparation of documents for this project.  
  6. The documents may not have been prepared for use by the recipient and may not fully reflect their needs.  
  7. Do not scale off drawings. Any measurements taken from information which is not dimensioned on the electronic copy are at the risk of the recipient.  
  8. The recipient is responsible for verifying the correctness and completeness of the information issued. This should be done by consulting all relevant documents supplied during the course of the project and by confirming dimensions on site.
  9. Updates may not be issued in electronic form. It is the responsibility of the recipient to ensure they have the most up to date information.  
  10. If altered or added to in any way, all references to CCM Architects must be removed and those making the changes assume total responsibility for the information thereon. 

The terms “document” & “information” in the above refers to both text documents and drawings in either ‘hard copy’ or electronic format.



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