QE II National Trust

Posted by Celia Biggs / 31 March 2017

QE II National Trust is a not for profit organisation that works to protect the natural environment of New Zealand. 

Armed with a very small budget, CCM was tasked with enhancing their existing offices, 1980s fitout with very few frills: no air conditioning, plaster tiles, low ceiling and lighting that is very much a feature of tired offices. 

Through the judicious use of architectural design elements the environment has been transformed. New up-lighting, colour, graphics, floor finishes, coordinated second hand furniture and some simple changes in floor planning has entirely changed the space.

The green grass carpet tiles, animated lights and native birds all sing in coordination to provide a happy work environment that the client has been proud to say "was only the cost of an old fence post".

Economy is the mother of invention, along with a willing and adventurous client.

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