The space and buildings around us directly affect our well-being.

The social, economic, environmental and personal impacts of the buildings we make are important; we take our responsibility for the design of these buildings and the spaces between them seriously. CCM is committed to creating architecture which contributes positively to quality of living, whether at home, work, or in public places.


In a rapidly changing world, we recognise the importance of explorative thinking and techniques that challenge the way things are done.

Investigation of design ideas, methodologies, interdisciplinary possibilities, materials and construction technology maintains a culture of design innovation and intelligent creativity. We enjoy the new opportunities that open up from continued learning.

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People and context

CCM takes an experiential approach to design, investigating how the buildings will be understood from the perspective of those who live, work, play or pass by them. This approach focuses our design attention on scale, proportion, materiality, tactility, acoustic quality and light.

We take time to fully understanding the context of a project, concentrating on site analysis, definition of project parameters, and investigation into the cultural, historical, social, urban, economic and environmental factors that will influence the design.

We actively listen to the people who will use the buildings or its surrounding areas to gather their input, and understand their point of view. Our aim is to always create architecture which relates directly to the people who interact with it, and spaces which are welcoming, uplifting and memorable.


Design innovation is often sparked by the connection of ideas between people and across disciplines including the client, consultants and contractors as well as the architectural team. We take a collaborative approach to our work, and enjoy the stimulation of good working relationships with project teams.

Collectively defining the issues and agreeing the appropriate strategic and conceptual response is the heart of our design team leadership philosophy. CCM plays the role of conductor and facilitator, encouraging open dialogue within our office space and the project team while ensuring the design vision is achieved.

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Our work is characterised by legibility of idea, transparency of process and clarity of communication. Rigorous thinking informs logical planning, clean formal composition and balanced design responses.

Intelligent creativity is applied to the design process to create buildings which are both functional and inspiring.


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