Mohi House

Located just 20 minutes from the centre of Wellington, this house transports you to a haven in the bush. Built on the side of a narrow 40 degree slope the house had to accommodate a drive on garage, four bedrooms and generous living spaces both indoor and outdoor.

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The house overlooks the entrance to Wellington harbour. Along with the Rimutakas beyond, it was positioned to take advantage of this dramatic landscape, with the views out to the east.

The house loses the sun in the afternoon and windows were kept high to capture the last rays as they disappeared behind the ridge. A large double glazed window was located in the narrow northern elevation to capture the heat of the morning/midday sun. This warms the house and with the high volume it keeps the upstairs at the same temperature as downstairs, with little need for heating during winter.

The building is fully integrated with the landscape so the house feels like it is part of the hill. The driveway was carefully cut into the existing bank to allow for drive on access to this house and the adjacent section beyond. There is little evidence from the road of this access to the house with the planting now grown. The house has a secluded feel within a large canopy of trees despite being very close to neighbours and the road.

Detailed with sustainable timber the house sits neatly within its context.


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