Palmerston North Clock Tower


The Clock Tower refurbishment was project within the overall Palmerston North City Square redevelopment and the planning and design processes were similar. Working with the Palmerston North City Council, a transparent inclusive approach was followed to ensure this beloved icon, built in 1952, was brought back to its former glory, taking pride of place in the centre of the Square.


The Tower was in need of structural upgrade and included a requirement to hide the large gas pump station and transformer room which had been added to the base of the building. Being at the centre of the Square the Clock Tower the task was restore its iconic image so that it was not only a building of stature, but it also improved the spaces around it.


The design used the elements of the existing building including the transformer and gas pumping station) to reinforce its elegant structure and new base. These elements were carefully concealed and integrated into the design providing a visual base to the slender tower. As a CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) principle the structure was designed to make the centre of the Square safer and a place of interest. A significant contribution to the Square was the lighting design of the tower, which can change according to any event. The clock tower has been enhanced to provide an elegant icon for Palmerston North City giving the space identity and a strong sense of place.