Like most people today, CCM are increasingly aware of the need to be conscious of and responsible about the way we use our limited resources and energy. The construction and ongoing operation of buildings are responsible for 40% of total energy consumption. The way we design our buildings, cities and suburbs must consider how to reduce the impact of building and inhabitation on the planet.


At CCM we are committed to doing our very best to preserve our valuable natural resources with every project we undertake. We take a holistic approach to environmentally sustainable design, which involves investigation into opportunities for re-use of existing buildings, structures, or construction elements, recycling and recyclability of materials, efficiency in circulation and space planning to reduce overall building size, passive building systems for ventilation, heating and lighting, efficient mechanical and electrical systems, systems for monitoring understanding and controlling energy consumption in buildings, and the use of sustainable and environmentally preferable materials.

A commitment to sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability in construction and efficient operation of buildings extends to CCM being an active member of the Green Building Council. We inform clients of opportunities to enhance their projects through a sustainable approach.


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