Boulcott Hospital Stage 3

The third stage of the Bouclott Hospital Masterplan includes additional theatres and procedure rooms, ward extension, endoscopy suite and day surgery suite.

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The main extension towards the north of the site gives the building a new street frontage which opens out to the public and connects the two wings of the hospital behind. This latest phase of building features a high end aesthetic coupled with comprehensive focus on sustainable principles.

An energy efficient building envelope with continuous high R-value insulation, shading, thermally broken double glazing and high quality materials, is serviced by a new efficient HVAC system and low energy fixtures and fittings. On the exterior, water efficient landscaping and a central rain garden frame the building and soften the street edge for both public and guests.

Construction of alterations and additions, as with previous stages, have been carefully staged to work around a fully functioning theatre suite and support spaces.


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