Blueprint Centre for Learning

Blueprint is a private training establishment delivering flexible, tailored mental health training. Clients come from around the country to Blueprint’s Wellington centre for bespoke training sessions.

To gain the most from the modest budget, the design carefully worked around existing building elements and services. The offices and teaching spaces needed to provide flexible learning and meeting areas to suit a variety of training and teaching models.

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Funding for the project was extremely tight, requiring rigorous budget control throughout.

The fitout emphasised the importance of breakout spaces and common areas in training and learning environments. Such spaces provide opportunities for sharing ideas, connecting with other people and are an important adjunct to the formal teaching spaces.

At Blueprint, the breakout spaces are light, generous and provide a variety of areas for meeting, talking and interacting. Bold use of colour and texture have high impact in these spaces.

Strategic lighting design and joinery installations are used in the central corridor to anchor the space and provide legibility to the circulation routes.


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